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The Solutions - Web Side Design
The Solutions - Web Side DesignThe Solutions - Web Side Design
How is your company changing, growing and adapting to new market dynamics, fueled by the promise of internet-based commerce?

     The expanding presence of the Internet continues to influence the way business is transacted. As new distribution channels emerge, the need to share information and service the customer continues to grow.

     Whether you need to create your first web site or refine the functionality of an existing site, count on the Webmasters at Helios Systems to develop a web presence that is consistent with your corporate image and business philosophy.

     Working with your current text materials, our associates will identify goals for your site accommodating your time frame and budget. We’ll even help you obtain your web address and register it with search engines like AltaVista, Excite, Hotbot, Lycos, WebCrawler, Infoseek, Go, Snap, Yahoo.

     Establishing an Internet identity that compliments your current marketing materials and strategies is paramount. Cookie-cutter just won’t do. Differentiate yourself with a custom-designed Helios website. No two businesses are exactly alike – and their websites shouldn’t be either.

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