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Digitolle is a full service Web Site Development company offering every aspect of Web Site and Intranet Design along with Hosting services, Domain registration, SSL certificates and more.  Scroll down for a complete list describing our services or simply click on the link you are interested in learning more about.

Design Web Site and Intranet Design
Signatures Custom E-Mail Signatures
Hosting Web Site Hosting
E-Mail E-Mail Hosting
Domains Domain Name Registration
SSL Secure Server (SSL) Certificates
Maintenance Web Site and Intranet Maintenance

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Web Site and Intranet Design
Design Digitolle offers Web Site design services for public access on the Internet and Intranets for internal company use.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create unique, branded Internet and Intranet sites that stand out amongst the crowd.  When developing a memorable site, it is important to enlist the talents of a reputable Web Designer who keeps up on current trends.

Digitolle is the source for quality Internet Architects who spend their days professionally designing digital worlds.  Let them help you create a Web Site that will increase business and bring your clients back time and time again.

Visit our portfolio to see samples of past work.

Learn more about creating a Web or Intranet Site >>

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Custom E-Mail Signatures
Signature Stand out in your e-mail communications with a professionally designed e-mail signature.

Digitolle takes your logo and contact information to create a custom signature that matches the look and feel of your company's marketing materials.

A professional signature will elevate your status in the eyes of e-mail recipients.  Be on the cutting edge of technology and speak to a designer about a custom signature today!

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Web Site Hosting
Hosting Web Site and Intranet Hosting is a simple concept.  A computer hosts the information contained in your site (just like your hard drive stores your files).  When people visit your site, the hosting computer opens the pages as they are visited and provides viewers with your information.

Dotster Digitolle can host almost any site through its partnership with Dotster, an experienced, stable and affordable web hosting company.  Dotster offers many price structures depending on the complexity of your site which are highly competitive and often cheaper than some of the more common hosting programs offered by companies such as Yahoo! Small Business.

Digitolle also offers in-house hosting for more specialized applications.  If desired, we can assess your ability to host your own site and help you set up your existing server for this purpose, saving you the cost of monthly hosting fees.

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E-Mail Hosting
E-Mail E-mail hosting is included in our Web Site Hosting packages, and is also available on an individual basis for those who do not have a web site.

Whether you need one e-mail address or fifty, Digitolle provides packages to meet both your needs and your budget.  Once again, this service is offered through our partnership with Dotster.

One of our newer services, closely related to our Web Design services, is Custom E-Mail Signatures. We can take your logo and contact information and create a custom signature that matches the look and feel of your company's marketing materials.

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Domain Name Registration
Domains Check availability of a Domain Name >>

Do you have a great business idea but no time to develop it at the moment? Do you want to reserve a Web Site address for your children? Do you want to turn a hobby into a forum for resources and discussions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it's time to find out if your idea for a Domain Name is available.  A Domain Name is simply another way of saying Internet address.

Many people buy domain names in the hopes of using them in the future.  Don't lose out on your great idea because you didn't register the most useful Domain Name before someone else.

Registering and owning a Domain Name is both easy and inexpensive.  Names are available with various suffixes including .com, .biz, .net, .org and most recently .name.

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Secure Server (SSL) Certificates
SSL SSL Partner If your Web or Intranet Site requires the handling of monetary transactions or the handling of sensitive personal information, then you need to make sure that your site is secure.

In the age of identity theft, security is a top priority for companies entrusted with their clients' personal information.

A Secure Server Certificate (SSL) ensures that your data is protected by the strongest available 128-bit encryption measures.  Customers and clients will rest assured that their information is protected when they see the SSL Certificate logo proudly displayed on your site.

SSL Certificates are offered through our partnership with Digicert.

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Web Site and Intranet Maintenance
Maintenance Will your Web or Intranet Site require frequent updating? Most companies find the need to update the information on its site occurring frequently and many don't have the time needed to perform these manual updates in a timely manner.

Digitolle will work with you to create customized solutions to help maintain your site.  We can create password-protected administration pages that ease the pain associated with updating your Web Site.  These pages utilize basic techniques that anyone can learn to use, saving both time and money.

Don't want to update your own site? No problem! Digitolle's Web Developers are skilled in all areas of Web Site Design, maintenance, and protection.  We will happily work with you to update your site on an as-needed basis.

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