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Homework for Web Site Design

Digitolle designs Web Sites using the most popular formats currently found on the Web. Put simply, this means that we can fulfill your need to create a Web Site that is both user-friendly and visually exciting for the vast majority of visitors to your Site.

The process of creating a Web or Intranet Site in collaboration with Digitolle is fairly easy. The following is a detailed explanation of the steps involved. The steps are fairly simple and self-explanatory and there is no need to worry or get overwhelmed if you don't understand how to do something. If this is your first experience developing a Site or your tenth, we will work with you every step of the way.

Steps you should take in the early stages of Web or Intranet conception...
Decide the purpose of your Site.

A Site can be everything from a simple online advertisement to a full-blown interactive online experience. While this task may seem daunting at first, it may help if you take the next step and then come back to this one.

Researching competitors gives you a chance to see what's out there in your industry.  This can help determine what you'd like your own site to look like.  If you want a new look for your company, it's best to understand what you are looking for before your site is created.
Site Pages

Think of this in the form of an organizational chart, with your Home Page as President and the rest of the pages as the Officers.

The most basic requirements for a Site include a Home page, Services page, About Us page, and a Contact page. Think of these pages as a frame for a picture. Once you have defined the frame, then you can go about filling in the details of the picture.

This is the most time consuming aspect of developing your Site as the content is literally the meat of your Web Site.

You don't necessarily have to pick each and every image that you want on your Site, but it is extremely important to nail down your text. The text of your Site is important for many reasons including the ease with which Web Surfers find your Site. We work with a fantastic copywriter that can help you create brilliant verbiage for your Site.

If you need photos for your Site, our professional photographer can take exceptional pictures of equipment, facilities, products and/or anything else related to your business.
Once the previous steps are completed Digitolle will...

We will provide you with an accurate and cost effective Estimate of Work based on your planned Pages and Content.

You'll be able to see how much each individual page costs and, depending on your budget, you may decide to add or remove pages. Once you approve the Estimate, the process will continue.
Create Preview

We create a static picture (much like a photo) of the Home page, which shows you what the Site might look like when it's finished.
Review and Revise

This phase is a cycle that allows you to tell us what you like and don't like about the preview and we will revise your pages until you are happy with them and approve them for publication.
Build Site
Once you have approved your Site, Digitolle will finish the process. The Site will be built in its entirety and prepared for publication on the World Wide Web or set-up for internal company use as an Intranet Site.

Once you have given the final approval for your Site, Digitolle will upload it to your hosting server and all your hard work will be available for viewing.

If you haven't purchased your Domain Name yet, you can get one through our Domain Name Registration page.

You will also need E-Mail addresses which are available through our E-Mail Hosting partnership with Dotster.

Don't forget to check out our Portfolio which features Web and Intranet Sites that were designed and built for current and past clients.
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